Here you can find all the useful informations about us and our competition.
Contact us on Facebook: CRAI CagliariRespira Mezza Maratona Cagliari.

Who is the organiser of CRAI CagliariRespira 2017?
The ASD Cagliari Marathon Club was born on 2008 with the specific purpose to communicate that SPORT IS HEALTH. The idea became reality 10 years ago with the first organisation of CRAI CagliariRespira, the half Marathon of Cagliari city. Thanks to the increasing interest of medias and international athletes, the competition is one of the most famous sport events in Sardinia: the last year it had around 3000 participations. The message is simple: if you want, you can get your lifestyle healthy by practising sport and following a correct diet.
The itinerary:
The itinerary of CRAI CagliariRespira half marathon 2017 is organised on a fast circuit composed by one and only urban tour. No cars! Only you, sport and nature! Indeed, the competition is a real Eco-Run structured in a first part, across the storic center, and a second one through the Poetto and Saline. The road, especially in the first part, is in tarmac but there is only 1Km (in the second one) where it’s rural, across the natural park of Molentargius.
Useful informations for athlets who run the CRAI CagliariRespira half marathon 2017 or other competitions: KaraliStaffetta, KidsRun and SeiKilometri.


How can I subscribe to the CRAI CagliariRespira 2017?
It’s very simple. You can subscribe to the competition online using the Enternow website or download the specific form following this link.
You can also download the health form for foreign resident here.

Sign up to be one of us! Save the date:
From 25 June to 15 July – 15,00€
From 16 July to 31 August – 20€
From 1st September to 31 October – 25€
From 1st November to 27 November – 30€

The departure:
The departure of the competition is at 10 o’clock in Viale Diaz, in front of Hotel Panorama, in the intersection with Via dello Sport. The schedule could change for organizational problems.
Athletes with special needs will start at 9,55.
You can enter in the departure area across an arch put in Manlio Scopigno square, reachable by Viale Diaz, Via Rockefeller and Via Morgagni.
You’re invited to reach the place of the departure within 9,45.

When I arrive in Sardinia, how can I leave Cagliari’s airport and go to the departure of the competition?
You have to buy a Trenitalia’s ticket (you can find the ticket machines leaving the airport) and have to take a train from Elmas’s airport, direction Cagliari. The frequency is high: a train will pass in 10 minutes. Then, when you arrive in Matteotti square, you can buy the ticket of the CTM bus and choose between different of it:
The line called PF (from Matteotti square, direction Flumini di Quartu)
The line called PQ (from Matteotti square, direction IV Novembre)

How can I arrive to the departure of the competition with a car?
The departure is at 10 o’clock in Viale Armando Diaz, exactly in the intersection with Manlio Scopigno square, in front of Amsicora Stadium. You can arrive in different ways:
1. By the median route, direction harbour. You can leave your car in the place in front of Sant’Elia Stadium or Athletics Stadium in Pessagno street or in Marco Polo square (Sardinian fair);
2. If you arrive from Viale La Playa or Roma street, you can drive by Viale Salvatore Ferrara and leave your car in Viale Diaz (Sardinian bank, Intesa San Paolo bank), Colombo street (Centomila square, in front of the Basilica di N.S. Di Bonaria or in the Molo Ichnusa), Marco Polo square (Sardinian fair);
3. If you arrive from Viale Poetto, you can leave your car in the square in front of the Sant’Elia Stadium.
All the parking are free and opened before, during and after the competition.

IMPORTANT: Streets will be closed within 9 o’clock (an hour before the departure).